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business sales

Selling a business is no simple task. Proper business valuation, for example, is crucial. Overprice the company and you’ll have a difficult time finding buyers, but under-price and you’ll leave money on the table—something no one wants to do. Objectively valuing a business that you’ve built with your time and sacrifice is challenging for even the most hard-nosed and practical business owners.

An impartial brokerage company with highly trained business brokers wielding in-depth financial and business know-how can help you determine a proper valuation for selling your business.
After valuation comes another series of hurdles: compiling a prospectus complete with recast financials and realistic projections, positioning the company for sale, marketing the business, identifying qualified buyers, fielding indications of interest and letters of intent, and negotiating, negotiating, negotiating.

Leveraging a broad range of experience across financial management and business brokerage, BroadCreek is uniquely qualified to assist owners in selling businesses across the Southeastern US.

Certainly most business owners want an active role in negotiating the final purchase agreement with the prospective buyer. But the road leading to the bargaining table can be a long and slow one for the business owner trying to undertake the task alone. BroadCreek can provide the level of brokerage services you desire, from basic to turnkey, when you are ready to sell your company. Let us guide you from appraisal to asset purchase agreement.


why choose broadcreek to sell your business? 

First and foremost, we understand you, the business owner. The management team at BroadCreek has bought and sold their own businesses and understands the dedication, obligations, hard work and most of all the family sacrifices that you have made to build and grow your business.
BroadCreek is the region’s best business brokerage firm.

We have a local market presence with a regional and national buyer reach. Business owners work with BroadCreek to sell their business because of our deep experience, results, dedication, and professionalism. If you’re the sole owner or entrepreneur of a company, this sale could indeed represent a life’s work.  Don’t leave this important task to just anyone.

Our team of professional, accredited business brokers have successfully helped over 12 business owners sell their business in the last 6 months. When you choose BroadCreek as your trusted business broker, we will work tirelessly for you, helping to ensure that you can sell your business for the highest price possible.


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